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Laboratory Testing

Laboratory Testing

We are a professional Company, comprising 15 seasoned technocrats (Geotechnical Engineers, Geologists, Hydro-geologists, Geo-physists, Surveyors and Civil Structural Engineers) to head each of the department supported by skilled and semi-skilled executives for providing services in the above-mentioned fields. We initially worked in name of SAI Geotechnical & Construction Services since 2004 and now we are working in name of SAI GEOTECHNICAL ENGINEERS PVT. LTD. since May 2009.

It is well know fact that for planning of any type of construction related project, the Topographical & Contour Survey is the foremost and essential step. Planning of the project comprising the designing of the foundations, which necessitates the need for Geotechnical Investigation, is the second foremost step.

Further, on conducting above steps if the soil strata are found week for accepting heavy load then pile-foundation may require for ‘ground-treatment’. Again, for evaluation of ground water the Hydrographic tests are required. The Geo-physical Investigations are required to know bedrock quality and overburden thickness, fracture, fault, weak zone identification, determinations of dynamics properties of soil etc.

Above is required for a safe and economical design of the foundations.

Our commitment to provide best quality of the work and timely completion of the project with fully satisfaction of our clients.

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